3 Tips to More MLM Traffic For Your Network Marketing Business

Getting straight to the point here are 3 simple and unique methods that can help you build more credibility and more MLM traffic for your network marketing business. Each one has their own special niche for attracting visitors with whom you can build rapport and eventually convert to sign-ups.

First, you can create a network marketing blog. Here you can be less formal and let people get to know you as a person. Let them know you are real and not so much unlike them. Post regularly trying your best to provide some value and tips and encourage interaction with your readers. Think about your readers and what they might be looking for and try to meet them where they are in their business. Give to your readers and you will get more MLM traffic to your network marketing business.

Second, you can do MLM forum marketing. Forum marketing is a great way to get traffic to your network marketing business. Use the search engines to find different forums related to network marketing. Type in different topics like MLM forum or network marketing forum or if you are in a health and wellness program pick some terms related and add the word forum. You can build a nice list of forums this way. Then check each one out to find the most active ones. Then sign up for the active ones and join in the conversations but try to be sincere and contribute some value to the conversations. Make sure you set up your signature file with a link to your webpage and this will get lots more MLM traffic to your network marketing business.

Third, you can do MLM article marketing. Article marketing can take a little longer to be effective because you have to write the articles then you have to submit the articles to article directories and then wait for the directories to approve the article and then wait for the search engines to index the articles. Sounds like a lot but it’s totally worth it in the long run. The articles you write and submit today could be bringing you more MLM traffic to your network marketing business for years. Just be sure you use good keywords for your articles. It’s also good to include your main keyword in your title and at least once in each paragraph. Anyone can write articles and they only need to be 350 to 500 words, which is typically less than one page. For instance, this article contains 459 words.

To recap, these 3 simple techniques will bring you lots of targeted MLM traffic to your network marketing business and make you more money. Best of all, all three of these methods are free. Need help? Let me know

Network Marketing Business – Not a Sales Job!

Many folks believe success in a network marketing business involves selling. I recently received an email “MLM tip of the day” which stated:

Don’t let anyone kid you. Network marketing is a selling game and the best way to play the game is to have a good product or business presentation.

I read that and it made me cringe. How many people do you know who like to sell or be sold? My guess is not many! No one likes it. Yet we get into this business of network marketing wanting success and we’re told that’s what we must do. We are told the only path to success is to get out of our comfort zone and become that salesperson we don’t even like! How long can a person stay out of his comfort zone and become what he is not? The answer is not long.

No wonder the attrition rate in our business is so high, close to 97%! No wonder the phone feels like a million pounds! No wonder we feel stressed when approaching our friends and family! It’s because of crazy stuff like this. Then we start to feel like a failure because “we weren’t cut out to be in network marketing” and figure that MLM only works for the lucky few who can sell, sell, sell or recruit, recruit, recruit as we slowly watch our dreams slip away. But, there is hope!

Build Relationships and the Sales will follow

Building a successful network marketing business is not about selling. It’s about building relationships and focusing on other people. Helping others get what they want, not selling them your product or selling them on joining your business. Focus on the other person. Find out what they want to accomplish in their life then help them get what they want, that’s how you find success. Don’t sell. Network marketing business success needs to be win/win not sell/sell.

Slow down and listen

Instead of focusing on what you should say next, slow your mind down and listen to the other person. Hear what they have to say. It will change the way you approach people and lower your stress level. People will sense that you care about them and you want to help them reach their dreams and desires. When you take the focus off yourself and put it onto the other person you will be amazed at how relaxed and open they become. The other person will instinctively know you care.

Do yourself and your business a favor. Don’t follow the advice of these so called MLM gurus. Don’t sell! Instead build a relationship with your new found friend, a.k.a. prospect. The process may take a little longer, but you’ll have a life long business partner or product buyer which will be worth a lot more money to you in the long run. So, remember to have massive success in your network marketing business, it’s not a sales job, it’s a relationship business!

A Marketing Business to Grow at Home

If I were to tell you that you could have a profitable marketing business that you could grow at home on your own time schedule, would you be interested? Of course you would. And guess what… you can! A marketing business to grow at home is the envy of almost everyone and could be the key to your financial freedom.

Let me introduce you to Affiliate marketing. Did you know you could be paid handsome commissions, up to 75% for selling other peoples products? Well the truth of the matter is you can and some are making 1000s per month doing just that. No store front, no employees, no phones, no inventory and no up front big investment to make. All you need is a computer, Internet connection and the desire to succeed.

Growing your affiliate marketing business at home is fun and very fulfilling, not to mention the fact that an expanding income will help pay bills, get out of debt, take a needed vacation, buy a home, what ever it is that you need to accomplish. Two kids I know paid there way through college!

I can hear you asking – How Do I Get Started?- First you need to learn the skills and techniques required to be efficient in the affiliate marketing business. You will need to join an affiliate marketing course. The monthly tuition is well worth the results you will see and the skills you will gain.

The beauty of an affiliate course or affiliate membership club is as you learn you will be earning. On the job training so to speak. A quality school will have in house products that you can promote to earn as you learn. If you promote sign ups you can have your monthly membership covered and learn and earn for free. One affiliate club I belong to, not only is my membership covered but I am making some extra money (they are paying me) with their affiliate program!

You will be learning how to set up web pages for free, get free traffic to thus pages, how to find hungry buyers and offer them products that will convert (make money). Once you get past the initial learning curve you will learn how to run profitable paid advertising campaigns, develop your own online property (websites you have 100% control over and can even sell), Launch you own product. The list goes on and on.

The benefits of have a marketing business that you can grow at home are obvious. You will be your own boss, work at you own pace and receive the all fruits of that work. You will accomplish this without risking any money and only have to spend little.

Many are able to show a profit in the first month others take a little longer. What I like is it is not rocket science, you implement what you are learning and learn from the results and then implement again. In the affiliate business this is called rinse and repeat. Step by step improvement until you have a proven system that works for you.

I would like to conclude by saying I firmly believe that any one that can read and write can do this. Some better than others but if you are dedicated and willing to learn nothing will stop you. A marketing business at home is a great way to become financially stable.

Robert E Hemken Jr is building a marketing business at home and believes it is possible for anyone, even Joe Average, who will invest in themselves to have the same success.

The Best Way to Get Leads For Your Network Marketing Business

If you are reading this, there is a 95 percent chance that you will fail in network marketing. The good news is that you can choose to be among the minority that succeed in MLM by using the principles of attraction marketing to generate tons of leads for your network marketing business and have people lined up to join your opportunity.

I know you are most likely wondering what attraction marketing means and how you can use it to get good quality leads for your network marketing business. So read on.

What is Attraction Marketing?

As the name implies, this type of marketing involves attracting people to you and what you have to offer.

As opposed to chasing people down, attraction marketing makes you the hunted instead of the hunter.

Many marketers accomplish this by becoming, or holding themselves out to be, an expert in a particular field or marketing method. If you have been around internet marketing for a while, you can probably think of experts in affiliate marketing, copywriting, blogging, pay per click, article marketing, and so on.

What do these experts do?

They do not sell, they teach, a very powerful attraction marketing strategy. And they sell a lot of products because they become known as the person to go to if you want to learn about a particular topic.

But what if you are not an expert?

You can time the time to study and focus on a particular niche and develop expertise. Or, you can research your market and familiarize yourself with the problems, questions, and frustrations that people in the niche are experiencing and offer solutions to these issues.

People will then be attracted to you because they see you as someone who can help them and teach them.

How do you apply attraction marketing to network marketing?

There are a few ways to do this. First of all, consider coming up with solutions to the frustrations of network marketers, especially people new to the business.

I am going to share something very valuable with you here:

A friend of mine recently did a surveyed network marketers and found these 4 questions to be the most common:

I am overloaded with information, where do I start?

I do not have enough time to do business, but I really want to progress, what can I do?

I am confused and lacking in technical skills, what can I do to move forward anyway?

I do not have much money to invest in building my business, what can I do to advance my business without breaking the bank?

Come up with some good answers to these questions and you will attract a ton of network marketers. There are a couple of other things you can do as well. You can teach people the skills they need to market online. The best way to do this is to show people how they can use a particular marketing method, like pay per click, to build their mlm network marketing business.

You can also consider the solutions that your network marketing opportunity offers:

Does your company have unique products that fill a need in the marketplace?

Does your company have a unique and attractive compensation plan?

Do you have a proven system that new recruits can plug into hit the ground running?

Why would someone want to join you in your opportunity?

The best thing about using attraction marketing methods is that you get people coming to you. You no longer have to worry about bugging family and friends, and trying to convince people who are not interested in your opportunity.

This is the best way to get leads for your network marketing business.