Are You Struggling With Your Network Marketing Business?

My first year’s accounts made frightening reading…. I’d gone looking for a home based network marketing business to supplement my income and get myself out of debt but the reality was that I was spending much more than I was earning. Sound familiar? I’d worked hard, I certainly wasn’t treating it as a hobby but sadly saw very little in return. Five years ago I found myself unexpectedly a single mum of two lovely kids but with an uncertain financial future ahead. We moved to a smaller house, I gave up freelance work for a permanent job but was living month to month. Added to which my day job like many others is a fixed term contract so potentially I may find myself out of work with a mortgage and two kids at 50…not a nice thought. Network marketing was my Plan B, my route to financial freedom and getting out of the rat race. But after nearly 2 years I could see I would have to rethink. As my doubts grew I found it impossible to recruit (which is the point of network marketing!) but morally how could I introduce someone who needed to make money into a business that I could see would take years and a downline of hundreds?

Time for Plan C…I went looking again for a genuine, home based internet marketing business. Let’s face it…in today’s world, the internet is where people go looking first for just about anything…products, services, businesses….but with no internet marketing experience whatsoever I needed a business that would train and support me. I researched for four months, I was doubly cautious this time, I needed to make the right decision. I’m glad to say that I found it…a home based internet marketing business that has everything:

first class compensation plan
the opportunity to work from home around the kids and other commitments
a proven system with no selling required
full online training and support
Fantastic high value products that people are looking for

If you need to make a change in your life or like me don’t want your future to be in the hands of other people who can decide your financial security then research internet marketing businesses.

Things to Know Before Starting an Online Marketing Business

There are millions of people searching online every day for a successful online marketing business. If you have done any looking at all, you already know that there are thousands of different business opportunities for everything from pills, potions and lotions to real estate to insurance and legal businesses.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I’ve tried a variety of online marketing businesses to work from my home office, and would like to share with you what I have found after much trial and error. If you are searching for a truly profitable business you can run from your home and find success with, there are seven major things you should consider.

First, are the products unique and in high demand – are they tough to copy? You want to find a company that offers products you believe in and that are of value to your potential prospects.

Second, does the company offer a really lucrative compensation plan? If you are like me, you are frustrated with and sick and tired of the MLM companies that offer you tiny commission checks for the hours of work and hundreds of people you bring into your business. The ideal business opportunity will provide you with up front commissions with high bonuses and residual income.

Third, do they offer a proven marketing system that is duplicable? To be successful and to still be able to enjoy your time and financial freedom, you need to be able to teach the same system you are using to everyone you bring into your business.

Fourth, what is the company management like? Are they supportive and do they lead by example? The best way to learn is by following a leader – are they practicing what they preach and are they ethical?

Fifth, make sure the company and products have room to expand. Global expansion is the key to success in this industry in today’s economy. People everywhere are looking for and needing a company they can trust when investing in themselves and their future.

Sixth, does the company give back to the community and their surrounding area? Do they feel good and feel right? What goes around comes around and if you’re like me, it is a very important asset to have to be able to feel good about the company you work with and what they do for others.

And finally, do they offer support and training to new consultants? Do they have a staff that is there to help and assist their consultants in starting and growing their online marketing business? Or do you need to rely solely on your sponsors?

If you take into consideration all of the things I’ve touched on, you will find a successful online marketing business opportunity. These are all critical factors if you truly want to find success in a business you start and run from your office.

5 Benefits Of An Affiliate Marketing Business

Broadly speaking, an affiliate marketing business model involves a company recruiting and signing up individuals (affiliates) who sell its products for a reward. This reward may be either monetary or non-monetary depending on products or services affiliates sell.

In the United States, some people make a decent amount of money as affiliate marketers. According to figures published by the Performance Marketing Association, the number of people and businesses engaged in this area of marketing currently stands at more than 200,000. In addition, marketers in this field will generate revenues of more than $4 billion by 2014, according to the US Affiliate Marketing Forecast. With this in mind, read on to learn more about the benefits of working as a marketer in this area of business.

Low Risk Business Opportunity

Marketing online as an affiliate is a low-risk, high-return business opportunity. You do not necessarily have to invest huge amounts of borrowed money or personal savings to get started. Depending on the type of business that you choose, you can start with next to zero investment. For example, to work as an affiliate marketer online, all you need is internet access and a computer. Most Americans have access to the internet as well as a wide range of internet-enabled devices such as laptops and mobile devices.

Be your Own Boss

Unlike traditional blue-collar jobs, affiliate marketers enjoy flexible working hours and environment. It is up to you to decide when you want to work and for how long. You can work from home, while on holiday, work 24 hours, and even when travelling. Statistics from the 2012 Affiliate Summit AffStat Report show that 55.7 percent of affiliate marketers work from home. Blue-collar workers can only dream of such flexibility.

Minimal Working Experience

In order to get a blue-collar job, one has to meet a slew of requirements including academic qualifications, references, working experience, background checks, and even drug tests. Remember fulfilling all these requirements does not guarantee one a job.

To work as a marketer on the internet, you need minimal working experience. In fact, you can wake up, sign up as an online affiliate marketer, and start working immediately. In addition, most web-based marketing programs provide training whenever it is necessary.

No Glass Ceiling

In the corporate world, only a few people crack the glass ceiling. This is not the case in the affiliate marketing business landscape. It is up to you to decide how high you want to fly. However, you must be willing and ready to work hard in order to turn your dreams into reality.

Wide range of Products

Some people working from eight to five do not really love their jobs or employers. They are simply working to get a pay-check at the end of the month. The beauty of working as an affiliate marketer is you can choose a product niche that you love and run with it.

Running a marketing marketing business in this field is a great way to earn money. Benefits of working in the affiliate marketing business include low-risk, high-return business opportunity, no glass ceiling to worry about, minimal working experience required, wide range of products, as well as working at your own pace.

Qualities of a Leader Matter a Lot in an Internet Marketing Business

A lot of income can be earned through Internet marketing. So, its very important to take it seriously. The biggest pros of this business are that it does not involve a brick and mortar office and saves considerably on office rent. Also, no employees have to be hired with distribution of payrolls. But, one has to be intelligent to get the desired amount of success as an Internet marketers. many have forayed into the business but returned empty-handed.

Internet marketing is not a difficult business, but you have to be well-versed with the tricks of the trade. One can learn these methods through trial and error which is quite time -consuming and wastes a lot of valuable time too. Or take the help of an Internet marketing guru to be successful. If a leader actually exists in an Internet marketing venture, people can be easily convinced to join it once they develop a faith in his qualities and know that they can get success. Most importantly, they know that with a leader, their money is not at any risk.

To guide people to become parts of your Internet marketing business, its necessary that you have the qualities of a leader. The leader is clever and knows how to keep the cowards away from this business who don’t have a faint idea about operating it and still waste a lot of your time. In the working at home business model, Internet marketing involves a high amount of on-the-job training. Its important that all the traits of Internet marketing and its leadership including those of personal development are grasped after a successful analysis of known MLM leaders. The leader is not made a leader. He develops the attributes of a leader and does well. Have your own marketing materials which can assure all the novel entrants about your information of the business and how to face the stiff competition with business building tips.

Supply all the members of your list with videos, emails and articles containing relevant rules of the trade. Just don’t try to flaunt your knowledge but share it. Teach your information rather than selling it. Remember their business is your business, so its your responsibility to help them in getting the anticipated results out of it. You should discuss your well-tested marketing rules in these resources so that your followers are able to apply these network building tips as and when needed. Your articles published on ezine will definitely attract more people towards your affiliate program who were looking for such working from home opportunities.

You should know how to calm the fears of prospects who have doubt that they cant make any money with you. Most of the network marketers aren’t very expert in handing the doubts of new volunteers and feel shy about introducing them into the network. You can imbibe the necessary traits from the world’s most known world leaders. They handle phone conversations quite well and retaliate well to the objections raised. A voice resonating with confidence in phone talk conveys a lot about the personality of a leader.

Become a role model for your working at home followers who can instill all their trust in you. They know you are the best and follow your vibrancy to become like you. If you are working and implementing your business models dynamically, there’s no reason why any of your joiners wont follow suit.