The Origins Of The Dhampir

Contrary to popular belief, the dhampir is not a fictional character created solely by the entertainment industry, mainly in the video game and anime spectrum. Oh, and of course the Wesley Snipes version of Blade I, II, and III. No, the Hollywood sex-selling dhampirs are a little bit different from those who, according to Balkan […]

The Features And Characteristics Of The Dhampir

Because of the remarkable terms of conception, the dhampir has been enabled throughout legend to have skills that are beyond the realms of both human and vampire abilities. However, the birth of the dhampir, and the way he or she looked, were incredibly dissimilar with anything that Hollywood or the gaming industry has produced so […]

The Dhampir Vampire Hunters

The same culture that spawned the dhampir legends, those of the Balkans, as well as others, are also firm believers that they were capable of destroying vampires as well. Why would the dhampir be only interested in killing vampires? Naturally, for revenge, for their mothers, who were usually raped or seduced into the union with […]

The Daywalkers: Dhampir And Powerful Vampires

One of the most popular beliefs about the dhampir is that they are born with an immunity to sunlight, which according to vampire lore, is fatal to most of their species. This is actually a media born rule, according to some sources, direct sunlight as being fatal to vampires in historic lore was not widely […]

The Dhampir In Fiction

Although the legends of the dhampir are thousands of years old, the entertainment industry has always been fascinated by the half human, half vampire creature. Whether in comic books, films, television, or literature, there have been dhampirs in front of us, seducing our senses from before we can remember. Even in video games, the dhampir […]

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